Smiffy’s Unicorn Makeup Kit


Smiffy’s Unicorn Makeup Kit

YOUR MAKEUP BAG NEEDS THISOur daily beauty routine follows these basic instructions: First, slather on primer all over the face followed by a lightweight foundation. Next, dust bronzer across both cheeks and dab on a hint of blush for a rosy glow. Fill in brows with an eyebrow pencil and coat mascara on upper lashes. Finish off the look with a favorite nude-colored lipstick shade. Do the above makeup guidelines also describe your go-to makeup techniques? If you’re looking to add a splash of excitement (and a pop of sparkling glitter) to a rather uneventful beauty routine then add the unicorn makeup kit to your trusty bag of potions (AKA your cosmetic bag). You’re not waving an enchanted wand to conjure spells but you are wielding a makeup brush to create something beautiful and THAT is pure magic. PRODUCT DETAILSThe unicorn makeup kit comes with two different colors of cream makeup that can be used on the skin to illustrate a pinkish glow. The glitter gel looks amazing layered on top of eyelids while the included shimmer power works similarly, adding a sheen of iridescence. Apply the cream, glitter and shimmer with the included foam sponges while the gems (also included) are self-adhesive. Adhere them to the forehead or around the eyes for as a captivating accent.          PRISMATIC PERFECTIONWant to make a statement proclaiming your fabulousness at the next party? Stomp into the shindig with glittery heels on your feet (to match your makeup, of course), a pastel-colored wig, and the must-have unicorn essential, a pearly horn accessory!   

Complete your transformation into a magical unicorn with the Unicorn Makeup Kit!

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