Sexy Santa Baby Costume


Sexy Santa Baby Costume

Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree for me. Been an awful good girl, Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight… Did you ask for mild temps in your stocking? Lately, the weather in December has been more “nice” than “naughty,” which means this Sexy Santa Baby Costume is bound to be just the right amount of cozy for your Christmas cheer. We’d like to thank you if you’re responsible for the wonderful weather patterns and sunny outlook. We guess it’s because Santa seems to pay very close attention to your wish list. A yacht? Check. Duplex? Check. Diamond ring? Under the tree. A few things from Tiffany’s? Check your stocking. New car? Waiting outside in the driveway. So is it really so far off to assume that your allure is the cause of all this beautiful Christmastime weather? Oh, science, schmience! Yes, schmience. You heard us. Either way, Santa will hurry down the chimney to see you in this body celebrating crushed velvet red dress with its festive faux-fur white trim. The stockings and stilettos are sold separately, but this matching Santa hat comes with the package. Whether it turns out to be a white Christmas or you feel like you’re vacationing in the tropics, this eye-catching outfit will put a little oomph in your holiday season faster than you can say “schmience” while sliding down a chimney.

Snuggle up to Santa in this sexy Santa Baby costume! This short and sexy Santa inspired dress is sure to help put everyone in a very jolly mood!

SAS ID: 38286

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