Pretty Pumpkin Girls Costume


Pretty Pumpkin Girls Costume

If someone said, “Hey girl, you totally look like a pumpkin today,” we’ll admit that we wouldn’t really know how to take that. A pumpkin? Really? It’s not exactly a comparison to something exquisite like a beautiful sunset or a sparkling ruby gemstone. However, pumpkins are the representation of a very important day (ahem, Halloween), and one could argue that these orange gourds have lots of charisma to make up for their ordinary appearance, but it’s rare they’re ever described as “pretty.” Although, we began to second-guess everything we’ve ever known about these unique circular fruits (yes, pumpkins are actually fruits; we looked it up) once we saw this pretty pumpkin girls costume. Little fashionistas-in-the-making will be responsible for changing the mass perception of pumpkins (and consequentially jack-o-lanterns), and it all involves this bubble-hem dress. Made from a soft material and green lace fabric, this garment paints pumpkins in a new light; as stylish, adorable, and dare we say it…posh.Once they lock eyes with this gorgeous dress, little girls who love to dress fancy will choose to transform into a pumpkin instead of a princess. We guess fairy godmothers won’t be needed this year! Anything but frumpy, this exclusive costume comes with a matching hair bow and features a cheery jack-o-lantern face on the front. Once she’s wearing this costume and a pair of black tights (not included), she’ll be ready to singlehandedly prove that pumpkins are elegant!     

Turn your child in to a cute Halloween pumpkin with this exclusive Pretty Pumpkin Girls Costume. This costume features an orange dress with lace accents on the top.

SAS ID: 38286

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