Plus Size Sequin & Fringe Turquoise Flapper Costume


Plus Size Sequin & Fringe Turquoise Flapper Costume

Did you know that the city of St. Paul, Minnesota was a kind of a Midwestern sanctuary for gangsters in the early 20th century? We just found out, ourselves! It’s true; corrupt officials agreed to turn a blind eye to underground activities…and probably a few drinks and “hits” along the way. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Well, of course! You know everything there is about the Roaring 20s, from prohibition to mobsters to…duh!…flappers! Which is why you’re turning your home into a “sanctuary” for Jazz Age style this Halloween! Throw the best ever flapper party (and knock out the costume competition, while you’re at it) in this Plus Size Sequin & Fringe Turquoise Flapper ensemble. It’s totally the tops and you’ll be the bee’s knees and the cat’s meow, all wrapped up in one! Any capers that ensure at the shindig will be kept under wraps by your crew, and you all can party until the champagne cocktails stop flowing. Truly, it oughta be illegal for you to look so good! But it’s OK; all manner of rule-breakers are welcome at your house tonight, so we’ll let it slide. The pullover tank dress has sequins and fringe and a drop waist–the works!–and a vibrant peacock hue, too. Only the best for you: the hostess with the mostest. Slip the sequined headband and its tuft of feathers over your bob and get ready to greet your gangsters…er…guests in style. This may not be St. Paul in the 20s, sweetie, but you can let things get a little rowdy tonight. We won’t tell!

This exclusive Plus Size Sequin & Fringe Turquoise Flapper costume makes a great addition to any 1920’s group costume. Get ready to look like you’ve just stepped out of the Jazz Age! Available in sizes 1X through 5X.

SAS ID: 38286

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