Plus Size Olympic Goddess Costume


Plus Size Olympic Goddess Costume

To the modern eye, the ancient Greek pantheon might look a little silly decked out in those archaic robes. But when your to-do list includes managing the harvest, selectively meddling in the affairs of mortals, and getting back at Hades for slipping a whoopee cushion onto the Throne of Zeus, you need an outfit that offers plenty of comfort and a full range of motion. And nothing compares to this tried-and-true traditional look for inspiring devotion and culling favor!Just make sure your costume meets divine standards for craftsmanship and quality, like this Plus Size Olympic Goddess Costume. Because there’s a pretty strict dress code on Mt. Olympus these days, thanks to the steady stream of mortals who think they can cut holes in a pillowcase, sneak up to the summit, and pretend they’d been around since the age of the Titans. You’re not fooling anybody, guys! Not unless you have a really great outfit!And if you manage to join the ranks of the other great-looking humans who have successfully infiltrated the gods’ inner circle, try not to go crazy with all of that power, okay? Because getting zapped by lightning or having frogs rain from the sky is not what we had in mind when we showed you this excellent costume. We just thought you might want to take this classic look to an upcoming party, or immerse yourself in some classical literature by slipping into some more appropriate attire. We really don’t want to have to beg for mercy. Not again!

This Plus Size Olympic Goddess Costume is a beautiful Greek goddess costume for plus size women. Available in 1X, 2X and 3X.

SAS ID: 38286

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