Plus Size Men’s Rag Doll Costume


Plus Size Men’s Rag Doll Costume

Are you tired of having to wear a boring suit and tie to work every day? Of course, you are because there’s no way to express yourself in the same boring clothes that everyone else is wearing. Business attire is a-tired (get it? A-tired? Yeah, we thought that up ourselves). It’s all trapped in the rat race just like you and your coworkers. If only there was a way to stand out. To stand up and say “No, I’m going to be different. I’m going to be my own person and shine bright and wear bright colors too!’ Well, of course, you could put on some tie-dye and change your hair color like a bunch of hippies, but we all know you’re better than that. No, you need to push the envelope while still staying inside the envelope. But how?Introducing the Rag Doll costume! That’s right, work will never be the same boring old routine when you show up to the board meeting wearing this! Out with the old, drab clothes of yesteryear. In with the colorful, the fanciful, the beautiful! “But wait,” you’re thinking, “How can I wear that to work? I need to at least be in business casual.” Oh you silly goose, we’ve already prepared for that. Check out this suit. See that big blue bow tie? And those perfectly pressed slacks? That’s right, the trick to this Rag Doll costume is that it already is business casual! You think your boss will be upset? Yeah right! Your boss will be upset you didn’t get him a costume too! Get on the hip train today and act now!Note: We are not responsible for any firings, public laughingstocks, or snarky comments you receive while wearing this costume.

This Plus Size Rag Doll Costume is perfect on its own or a group or couple’s costume idea! Available in 2X, 3X and 4X.

SAS ID: 38286

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