Plus Size Deluxe Pink Witch Dress Costume


Plus Size Deluxe Pink Witch Dress Costume

Just about everyone knows a wicked witch to call when they want to hex an old love interest or when seeking advice on what cauldron to buy. In fact, we’re Facebook “friends” with five wicked witches and our next door neighbor happens to be the president of our town’s coven (shout-out to Phoebe, hey neighbor, how’s it going?). No shade to wicked witches, but they’re a dime a dozen around here. Instead of sinister cackling and (even more) stray black cats, our town’s in serious need of some seriously good witches.     It’s true, there’s an unfortunate deficit when it comes to wand-waving do-gooders. Practitioners of white magic are intimidated by the overwhelming population of wicked witches, so good witches often hide. If you happen to be one of these concealed witches, then we urge you, come out from the shadows and inspire others in your position to do the same! Wearing this deluxe pink witch costume is a great way to proudly advertise that you prefer conjuring spells focused on love and light.          Good witches from every corner of the world will love wearing this pink tulle gown with off-the-shoulder sleeves because of the elegant design and sparkly details. Shimmering stars and shimmering sequins give this costume a touch of glitz and glamour. Round up all the good witches, bring your wands, and meet in the center of town to conjure a protection spell against the wicked witches. Phoebe won’t be happy about it, but she’ll get over it…eventually.         

Become your favorite Witch with this Deluxe Pink Witch Dress Costume. You’ll definitely win favor of the inhabitants of Oz as the Good Witch of the South. Available in sizes 1X through 4X.

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