Oversized Alien Adult Costume


Oversized Alien Adult Costume

First contactEerie music? Check. A shiny silver saucer descending from the night sky? Check. A green alien to exit the UFO and make first contact? Dang. We knew we were missing something from this whole scenario. Well, we shot off a message to our costume department and we cc’ed our company president. And the message we got back? “We’re on it! ASAP!!”That’s just a little insight into the process here at HalloweenCostumes.com, and the result? You get fantastic costume creations like this Oversized Alien Costume! This character is exactly the type of being you’d expect to see strolling out of a UFO. So. Let’s suit up, and get ready for an alien takeover!Design & DetailsDesigned for comedic effect instead of actually trying to replicate depictions from eyewitness encounters, this costume calls on all of the classic styling of “little green men.” But we did, of course, super-size it for comedic effect! It comes with a zip-up jumpsuit and a large headpiece, all made with 100% polyester velour. Large mesh eyes on the headpiece make it so you can see through, and the gloves complete the set. The toy alien ray gun we have it pictured with is sold separately, and you’re very welcome to pick it up if you think it will enhance the look!Costumes for everyoneSo, you’re going to UFO convention? Or you’re just looking for a unique Halloween style? Whatever kind of scenario you’d like to suit up as an alien for, this costume will have you covered. If you’re shopping for a group, be sure to check out all of costume and accessories to find an E.T. style for everyone!

Become a creature from another planet when you get this exclusive Oversized Alien Adult Costume. It features a bright green jumpsuit with an alien head.

SAS ID: 38286

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