Mummy Kids Costume


Mummy Kids Costume

If you’ve ever been exploring in an ancient tomb, you probably know what kinds of scary things you can run into in the dark. Like old booby traps, or giant spiders, or even realizing you forgot to pack a snack and you’re starting to get hungry (our personal worst nightmare!). That’s why it helps to find an ancient mummy who knows their way around to show you where all the cool stuff is hidden, especially if it’s your little one in this frightening Mummy Costume!Having a mummy for a guide may not seem like the greatest idea, since tombs are like their homes, and you probably wouldn’t be too helpful if someone was snooping around your home, either. But some mummies get bored after spending thousands of years in a dark, dreary dungeon, so they might actually appreciate the company. Showing visitors around also gives them a chance to stretch their limbs a bit, which can get a little stiff from laying in a sarcophagus for so long. And who knows, maybe there are some awesomely spooky things in the tomb that they would love to show off!Your little mummy guide will be ready to show you the sights in this one piece gauze jumpsuit, which is made to look like it’s made of wrapped bandages, but this won’t come unraveled. Once they put on the matching gauze hood and stretch out their arms in their best mummy pose, your little one will be all ready to lead you through a spooky tomb, or to take you trick-or-treating! When you’re exploring with a helpful little mummy, they’ll show you that the only scary thing out there is running out of candy!

Did you know that mummification also took place in South America and Asia? Your child will be ready to walk like an Egyptian in this Child Mummy Costume.

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