Mona Lisa Adult Costume


Mona Lisa Adult Costume

Are people always commenting on your unique smile? Do people often offer you a penny for your thoughts? If you think about it that offer is quite an offensive deal. Many people are paid much more than a penny for their thoughts. Who’s to say that your thoughts aren’t worth a million bucks? You could be holding the meaning of life in that noggin of yours.  That’s the beauty of Leonardo’s iconic painting. Miss Lisa kept her thoughts to herself, regardless of how many pennies she was offered. As a result, she’s been causing conversations ever since. Now, we don’t know for sure what was on her mind. Maybe it was all of life’s secrets. The smile could be a result of a prank she had set up for her family members back home. Or Leonardo could have simply had some of yesterday’s spaghetti sauce stuck in his beard. The truth is lost to history.  Whether you spill the beans is up to you but you’re sure to feel like the picture of beauty with this classy gilded framed Mona Lisa costume. It’s easy to become a historical icon. Simply put your face through the hole in impeccably painted canvas and you’ll be one of the unforgettable conversation starters of history. People can ask you what your secret is all night but you’ll never tell.  

Become one of the most famous paintings to ever exist when you get this Mona Lisa Adult Costume. This costume allows you to be the face of the Mona Lisa with frame and all!

SAS ID: 38286

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