Mermaid Pearl Starfish Headband


Mermaid Pearl Starfish Headband

Having trouble really feeling like a mermaid? Well then, perhaps it’s time that you added some true mermaid jewelry to your look. You see, mermaids like bling just as much as the rest of us—they just happen to like a very specific type of bling. They love jewelry that’s born of the oceans. They love accessories that come from the seas! Unfortunately, real pearls are pretty expensive, but this faux pearl headband makes for a highly affordable substitute for high end mermaid swag.This mermaid pearl starfish headband has plenty of details that will have you feeling like a mermaid in no time. The headband has a healthy string of faux pearls, along with plenty of gold-painted starfish adornments. You can place it on your hair to feel like the mermaid princess you’ve always wanted to be. Or if that’s not really our thing you can wear it to become an evil sea-witch (we won’t judge either way).

This mermaid pearl starfish headband is the perfect accessory to complete your look.

SAS ID: 38286

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