Men’s Star Wars Festive Force Christmas Opposuit


Men’s Star Wars Festive Force Christmas Opposuit

This Men’s Star Wars Festive Force Christmas Opposuit will have you feeling festive in a decidedly Star Wars way this holiday season! Whoa, that sounds like a pretty big deal. Do you think it’s something you’re up for? We sure hope so. Because all the soldiers in The Empire are counting on you!You see, it might not have been previously advertised, but these guys are all about seasonal fun and sophistication. That’s why, when suit makers Opposuits hit them up, they were more than willing to lend their likenesses to this suit! Bam, just like that, this suit features images of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and even Stormtrooper helmets. Of course, it’s also got Star Wars logos, along with Death Stars, too, and even mini Tie Fighters. All on a wonderful red, green, and black print, it makes the perfect addition to your own holiday festivities. 100 percent polyester, it’s fully lined, comes with the tie, and yes you guessed it, it’s Disney and Star Wars officially licensed!Wear this suit to your holiday party to show off your love of all things Star Wars, or keep it handy for when you dress up on Christmas Day to binge watch all your favorite episodes of the Star Wars series. And face it. If that’s not a part of your annual holiday traditions yet, well, maybe it should be!

This is a Men’s Star Wars Festive Force Christmas Opposuit.

SAS ID: 38286

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