Men’s Skeleboner Costume


Men’s Skeleboner Costume

So, apparently skeletons have needs, too. Who would have thunk it? But, you see, we got this letter from a skeleton recently. We’ll call him…Dave. Now, Dave had a bone to pick with us. “Dear Halloween Costume Shop,” his letter read, “I’m offended by your negative, one-sided portrayal of us skeletons as creatures that solely haunt, scare, and surprise. Skeletons are people…kind of. Well, we used to be. And as such, we have feelings and even desires. For instance, I love smooth jazz and making people laugh. Would it kill you to create a costume that portrays skeletons as the somewhat tender creatures we strive to be? Warm regards.” That letter, well, it got us thinking… Dave made it clear that we are wrong thinking that there’s not much to do in the afterlife but reflect, slowly decay, and well…hey! get your mind out of the gutter! We were going to say “keep up with your correspondence.” Skeletons want to be portrayed as human(ish), with human(ish) desires, compassion, and humor. Thus, this Skeleboner Costume was un-born! It’s positively pushing the boundaries of previously conceived skeletal notions. It’s also likely cracking up the entire party when you wear it. Dave, this one’s for you!The jumpsuit is simple enough that at first, folks will think, ”Oh, good skeleton costume!” But as your (ahem) ego begins to…inflate…they will do a double-take, then begin to awkwardly chuckle, then roar with laughter. Sensitive skeleton friends everywhere, rejoice! We’ve created a costume that will really help bring your livelihood to life! That doesn’t mean we’re ready to rush into death or anything, but it gives us hope that skeletal rights are on their way…up.

This skele-boner costume will scare party goers in more way than one. It appears that this skeleton in particular has one extra bone in it’s body.

SAS ID: 38286

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