Men’s Burgundy Viking Costume


Men’s Burgundy Viking Costume

Valhalla on Earth Have the gates of Valhalla opened up granting us entrance into divinity? Have the Norse gods and goddesses deemed us worthy of reveling in their splendor? Have they allowed us access to their sacred residence? It feels as though they have because this Burgundy Viking Costume seems too heavenly to be palpable, but we urge you to believe that the image sprawled across the computer monitor is very, very real. By Odin’s beard, you’re not seeing a mirage! This costume is legit and we can say this with certainty because is the proud creator. Suit up like a noble savage when braving the arctic cold to celebrate Halloween festivities. Feel as though you’re riding a faithful steed into battle (even though your crew’s just venturing to the local pub to imbibe a few tall glasses of mead) by suiting up in our complete Viking costume. Whatever adventure you have in mind, suiting up in this legendary costume is going to have you ready for the fun!Fun DetailsMade by our talented design team, the burgundy tunic cloaks wearers in a staunch long sleeve for warmth with ornate edging, bolstered by a fur-trimmed cape. The included accessories, comprised of the belt, helmet, pair of gauntlets, and pair of boot tops, add authenticity to the costume as well as warmth once you begin your journey for some much-needed mead.Onward to the gates of ValhallaWill this costume get the attention of real Norse gods and goddesses so you can gain access to the gates of Valhalla when the time is right?  If you charge into the bar with a convincing battle cry, it would only increase your chances so we heartily recommend you start practicing your mighty Viking-inspired chants. Skol!         

Embrace a simpler and more violent time with this Burgundy Viking costume where your fate had everything to do with your skill and the blade at your side.

SAS ID: 38286

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