Mean Girls Burn Book Stretchy Book Cover


Mean Girls Burn Book Stretchy Book Cover

Need to let some deep dark feelings out? No problem girl, just write it down in the Burn Book! Oh, the things one learns when perusing through the Burn Book! Written by the Plastics of North Shore High School, this book of secrets is filled with the juiciest tidbits of gossip. There’s a page dedicated to Trang Pak and her alleged affair with Coach Car and even Mrs Norberry is accused of being a pusher on one of the pages. The Burn Book is the one piece of literature that every student wants to get their hands on. Now you can have the highly coveted book in your possession by using this officially licensed Mean Girls book cover. It is designed to extend over any sized textbook and makes the perfect accessory to any Mean Girls costume. Whether you want to dress as ditsy Karen, fashionable Gretchen, or the Queen Bee Regina George, this exclusive book cover will make your costume look totally “fetch!”

Complete your iconic Mean Girls costume with this exclusive Mean Girls Burn Book Stretchy Book Cover. It’s sure to complete your Mean Girls look this Halloween season.

SAS ID: 38286

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