Marvel Captain America Winter Hat


Marvel Captain America Winter Hat

The warm embrace of justice!Captain America is one busy superhero. He spends most of his time fighting super-villains and dismantling their evil plans. He really doesn’t have much time to be worrying about chilly weather. We mere humans without the benefit of the Super Soldier Serum have to check the daily weather to make sure we bundle up properly! You can still feel a little like a superhero with your everyday winter wear though!This Captain America winter hat is inspired by the iconic Marvel superhero! Not only does it have an ultra-thick knit design intended to keep you warm, but it also has an embossed leather shield patch right to the front. That means you get to bring a little superhero style with you every time that you head out into the cold.© 2017 MARVEL

Don’t let the cold conquer you this winter, get this Marvel Captain America Winter Hat and fight back! It features an off-white knit hat with navy blue accents and an embossed leather patch with the Captain America logo.

SAS ID: 38286

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