Kids NFL Eagles Uniform Costume


Kids NFL Eagles Uniform Costume

We try to stay positive here at HalloweenCostumes. So while those of us who are Eagles fans may have seen and appreciated certain outfits cleverly implying that our beloved team’s division rivals are going to have a pretty rough season, we want to stay focused to how great this officially licensed NFL Eagles Uniform Costume looks. And it looks really great, especially to those of us who are Eagles fans!We happen to think that the Eagles have had a pretty stylish color scheme ever since they adopted their now-signature green. And even though it changes every few years, the current shade always looks a little bit better when the Eagles win. So whether you’re intercepting a pass thrown by a quarterback wearing navy and silver, blocking a field goal attempt by a kicker in blue and red, or slicing through a sea of maroon and yellow after a handoff, you’ll look spectacular. It’s either one of those weird things with complementary colors, or you’re really good at football!The matching pants and iconic wing decals on the chin-strapped helmet of this high-quality costume will make you feel like a pro. The mesh jersey, with team name and logo printed on the front, even comes with a set of iron-on numbers so you can pay tribute to your favorite Eagle, past, present, or future. The full effect of the uniform will have you leading your family and friends in a chorus of Fly, Eagles, Fly!

This kids Eagles NFL Uniform Costume is a licensed Philadelphia Eagles costume!

SAS ID: 38286

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