Karate Kid Cobra Kai Men’s Costume


Karate Kid Cobra Kai Men’s Costume

Fast-Paced PunchesAre you looking to turn your weak little knuckle-hugs into a mighty blow that can shake the foundation of the planet? Do you find that your sluggish movements are so slow and low-energy that the local sloth is putting you to shame? Of course! That’s why you need to learn lessons from the quick and powerful cobra. It strikes fast, hard, and has no room in its lethal mind for mercy. It’s time for you to join up with the Cobra Kai dojo and learn from the mightiest military man that ever put on an open-chested combat uniform so he could wail on kids half his size! If that sounds mean, you better believe it! He’s here to teach his students crucial maneuvers like sweeping injured legs and putting opponents in body bags. (Actually, the more we look at this dojo vacancy notice, we’re getting a little worried about this Kreese guy’s mental health.)Design & DetailsNo matter what problems the leader of the Cobra Kai dojo might have, we’re pretty sure that you can turn things around. Start by jumping into this officially licensed costume from Karate Kid. This Cobra Kai look was put together by our in-house design team and ensures you’ll feel like you took a flying kick right out of the 1984 film. Start with your wrap-around shirt that features the dojo’s patches on the front and back. The matching pants have an elastic waist and several patches on the leg to show how successful the dojo has been. Finish off your authentic look with the headband and karate belt and it’ll be your time to shine.Kick it Into High GearRemember: when you’re wearing the Cobra Kai uniform, you represent the skill and speed of the cobra. But, you also have its cunning. Kick and punch with blaring speed but you’ll feel confident enough in this look that you don’t have to pull any cheap tricks! 

You’re the best in the tournament and everyone knows it, because you’re wearing this Karate Kid Cobra Kai Costume!

SAS ID: 38286

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