Hippie Dude Costume for Men


Hippie Dude Costume for Men

Love, Peace, and FringeDid you know that hippies have a code? It’s true. Not many people know about it, but in order to be a true hippie, you need to adhere to 3 simple rules. First, you need to be an emissary of love! You must be ready to share your compassion for all beings, big and small. Second, you must maintain peace… or as some hippies like to refer to it, you must keep chill, dude! Meditation and psychedelic music are both great ways to keep the peace. Finally, you need to wear fringe. Tons of fringe! Every self-respecting hippie needs to wear a ton of fringe to uphold the hippie code!Alright, alright. So maybe hippies don’t really have a code, but it is true that fringe seems to be a big part of the look. This Hippie Dude Costume has fringe in spades!Product DetailsThis laid back outfit comes with loose-fitting, brown, long sleeve shirt that has faux rawhide cord and fringe that runs along the bottom of the sleeves. The front also has beaded accents on the cord to add to the hippie vibes. The costume also comes with 2 pins which can be placed anywhere on the shirt, each with a hippie theme. Finally, you even get a headband to finish the whole look off. The headband has a tie-dye style and you can tie it around your head as you like! Just pair this up with your comfiest pair of jeans and you’ll be ready to head off to Woodstock.Getting into the GrooveSo, go toss a few flowers in your hair, grab your favorite Hendrix album, and definitely toss a pair of sunglasses on. With this hippie costume, you’ll be ready to channel your inner chill to become one groovy dude.

Get dressed for Woodstock in this Men’s Hippie Dude Costume. Features a brown, fringed shirt.

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