Girls Voodoo Charm Costume


Girls Voodoo Charm Costume

VOODOO QUEEN IN THE MAKINGShe hums with the energy of the world. You can practically feel the mystical powers radiating off that arcane form. The cauldron bubbles and stirs up scents both savory and sweet, though you’re too afraid to look inside to find out what is brewing. It could be delicious tea. It could be something strange, exotic… dangerous. The legends say that this master of the spirit realm can speak with the dead, abjure away bad luck, or command it to afflict someone for decades! But, what will this young queen of the mysterious arts do with this power? Will the gates between the living and the dead open, unleashing a wave of spiritual force that will shatter the foundation of the world? Will we encounter demonic or angelic forces that will reshape our very perceptions? Will a flood of good luck have everyone racing to the lotto booth… or is that the trick beyond a spell of bad luck!? Really, we know the truth. This is all about conjuring the sweets! PRODUCT DETAILSHelp your kiddo channel all the fun of the supernatural season with this Voodoo Charm Costume. This is a six-piece costume that includes a frock coat with stitch graphics, skull-print leggings, a bone charm necklace, and fingerless gloves. The vest is designed to look like reptile skin and the hat is easily constructed to have a matching reptile band and top hat look. Your tyke will feel like they are channeling all the might of the other world in this magical look. THE PRICE OF POWERThey say that the spirits of the beyond always take a mighty toll for the magic that they bestow on the Voodoo priests that call upon their name. We suspect that when your kid sports this great look, though, that those spirits will happily accept a portion of their candy score, instead. 

Your child will be channeling their inner witch doctor when they wear this Girl’s Voodoo Charm Costume. This costume features a pant suit themed after a witch doctor.

SAS ID: 38286

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