Girls Toddler Native American Costume


Girls Toddler Native American Costume

Back in the days before machine manufacturing, making durable, protective clothing was a difficult and time-consuming task, as well as a hugely important one. When your survival depends on being physically protected against whatever the environment might throw at you, you need to be clad in something just as tough as you are.Way back when, that process entailed things like hunting, skinning, de-hairing, tanning, and smoking animal hides. The aim was to create leather apparel that was not only tough, but also soft and flexible enough to wear comfortably out in the elements, sewn together by steady hands who knew how to stitch clothes that could stand up to the rigors of the chase. These days, of course, our clothing generally doesn’t need to achieve quite that level of performance, and we have machines that can crank out any style we desire in a matter of minutes. But the craftsmanship of those bygone days still informs our fashion and our imaginations.Youngsters who love old-fashioned playtime will find plenty of inspiration in this sleeveless polyester dress trimmed with fun fringe and pretty faux beadwork. Cap it off with a pair of boots with fringed cuffs and headband with faux feathers and you have all the pieces of a throwback to those long ago days. And you can take our word for it: it’s a lot quicker than tanning and stitching your own leather apparel.

She’ll be the favorite of any tribe when she wears this Girls Toddler Native American Costume.

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