Girls Renaissance Faire Costume


Girls Renaissance Faire Costume

You know, the whole office was driving up to a conference in Duluth a few years back, when we stumbled into some bumper to bumper traffic stretching for miles. We couldn’t figure out why until–a few hours later–we passed an enormous sign directing drivers to the Renaissance Faire. This got us thinking, we need more costumes to match this clear customer demand.And now that you’re thinking about it, you’re probably realizing that your little princess has been talking a lot about castles, maidens, turkey legs (really?), and knights. Well, you’re in luck; this Girls Renaissance Faire Costume is the perfect fit for her burgeoning interest in all things epic! Now you can take her to watch the jousting competition or spark her interest in blacksmithing with an apprenticeship to the local master smith himself. She’ll feel comfortable and at right at home in this chemise and sleeveless paisley overdress. You can let your little girl practice her skills in archery or sword play, all the while bringing to life her love of the middle ages! And really, what better gift can you give her than that?We guess your best plan of action, after picking up this perfect costume for, is to start planning your late-summer the Ren Fest , just make sure to plan ahead for all the traffic that you’ll be sitting in. Trust us, some good snacks really help.

She’s the fairest maiden in all the land. Your little girl will love wearing this Girls Renaissance Faire Costume!

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