Girls Pop Art Zombie Costume


Girls Pop Art Zombie Costume

Wear Your ArtNo, this isn’t a Pop Tart Zombie costume (although now we know what we’re going to be next year thanks to THAT auspicious typo!) but it’s actually a zombie costume for girls that is based on the mid-20th-century art movement called POP art. Weird! But fun. Okay, we see that eyebrow-raising. Let us explain!Can anything be art? Can commercialized graphics be high art? How about stacks of steel wool boxes you’d find in any market… are THOSE art once they’re placed in a museum setting? And finally, what would happen if you put a tire around a taxidermied goat? Those are the kinds of questions artists such as Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Robert Rauschenberg sought to answer. We can’t say for sure since none of those guys are around anymore, but we think they would have dug this zombie costume. It’s definitely a kind of art!Design & DetailsSo, why be this particular zombie when you could have been any old zombie? Because this one is unique, and it also shows everyone that you have a keen eye for art in unexpected places. The green skin is bright and bold, with fun takes on exposed muscle and bone on the appendages. The clothing is edged with thick black lines, an example of the Lichtenstein comic book art style. It’s almost like you’ve crawled off one of his long-lost masterpieces to roam the earth looking for floating brains that kind of look like clouds! Wait, that’s surrealism. Whole different thing!Pop Art Zombie for GirlsSo, what happens when you actually become art? It’s almost as if you’ve jumped off the modern museum wall and become walking, talking art. We think when you wear this girls Pop Art Zombie costume you’ll find out that when you wear your style, you will feel particularly artistic. 

Get a unique and artsy costume this Halloween with this exclusive Girls Pop Art Zombie Costume. This costume features a green pop art zombie with pop art inspired dress and jacket.

SAS ID: 38286

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