Deluxe Star Wars Chewbacca Adult Costume


Deluxe Star Wars Chewbacca Adult Costume

Wookiee WednesdaysYou’ve heard about Taco Tuesdays, right? Of course you have! Tacos are delicious and Tuesdays can be notoriously difficult to power through, which is why tacos play such an important role in getting everyone through the harsh reality that is Tuesday. Well, we want to do the same for Wednesdays. The middle of the week needs a boost and that’s why we’re instituting Wookiee Wednesdays. Just hear us out on this one. We think you’re going to love this idea.Each Wednesday, instead of wearing your normal work attire, you suit up in this Star Wars Chewbacca Deluxe Costume. Through the course of the day, you can only speak in Wookiee-style growls and you have to befriend any Ewoks you might come across. Sounds like a rad plan, right? Well, all you need is this adult Chewie costume to get started!Product DetailsThis costume is based on the iconic character from the Star Wars movies. The costume comes with a full jumpsuit, which is covered in a layer of brown faux fur. It fits with a fastener in the back, making it easy to fit into this furry outfit. A foam sash and pouch are attached to the front of the suit to help recreate his satchel from the movies. The mask is made out of molded plastic and even comes with a layer of faux fur on the front. It fits easily with an elastic band, giving you the full transformation into the iconic Star Wars character.Wookiee at the PartyOkay, so maybe Wookiee Wednesdays might not catch on as well as we hoped. If you’re not ready to devote every Wednesday to our pal, Chewbacca, then maybe you can at least have a great time when you dress up as him at the next costume party!

Dress up as everyone’s favorite wookiee with the Star Wars Chewbacca Deluxe Costume. Great for a Star Wars themed party!

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