Deluxe Infant Bambi Costume


Deluxe Infant Bambi Costume

The creators of Bambi made forest creatures more adorable than anyone had ever seen before or may have seen since. The small details make every animal in this cartoon precious: the little bunnies have sweetly rounded cheeks, the quail mother leads an adorable line of chicks, and then there’s Bambi, the sweet little curve of his nose and his awkward gait on his spindly legs. This movie is about little forest animals finding their role in the forest, starting with the birth of the tiny wobbly fawn. It reminds us how difficult but wonderful it is to start from day one with everything to learn, just like your baby. Now, your little one may not have velvet fur and spots, but that’s where we come in. This onesie comes together in back with strips of touch fasteners, for easy off and on. The body is made of a warm tan velvety material with long sleeves and hooves that fall over your baby’s hands but don’t restrict them so your child can still play and crawl without any trouble. Bambi’s stripe runs up his back and continues to the ears of his hat, which stick alertly out like Bambi’s as he’s listening to his first thunderstorm. Each ear is touched with dark brown at the tips and his head is crested with a tuft of hair. The face of the cap has a sculpted nose and the iconic sweet eyes of this young fawn. Whether you just want to insert some extra cuteness into your life or you’re headed to a costume party with your little one, you can be sure that all the creatures of the forest will want to meet the little prince. With this fawn’s little spots and big eyes, even Thumper would only have nice things to say about this little Bambi.

Dress your little one up as Bambi in this deluxe infant deer costume.

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