Cupid Accessory Kit


Cupid Accessory Kit

Cupid seems like he might have a hard time getting started in today’s rightfully consent-focused dating landscape. Is he tricking unwilling parters into getting together, or is Cupid just an instrument of fate, matching up soulmates? Does Cupid save his favorites for himself? I’m sure Twitter would have something to say about it, but rest easy: everybody’s just trying to have a good time at the office Valentine’s day party.Let’s face it: this getup isn’t subtle. It’s for the bold and beautiful. Who can resist a chubby-cheeked angel? This costume includes red feather wings, a soft red bow with a pink ribbon bowstring, and a Velcro arrow. And that’s all you need, really––for a genuine, historically-accurate Cupid, clothing is optional. Maybe an artfully draped white linen? The Valentine’s Cupid Accessory Kit is not intended for self-defense––the soft, heart-shaped tip should only impart love, not harm (any modifications you make notwithstanding).

Stupid Cupid, you’re a real mean guy! It’s time to put that little baby in his place. With this Cupid Accessory Kit, you can create your own destiny. Love is just a kit away!

SAS ID: 38286

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