Child The Hulk Avengers 2 Costume


Child The Hulk Avengers 2 Costume

Is your kiddo ready to SMASH!! Great! Then we’ve got the perfect costume for him. Feast your eyes on this awesome Hulk Costume. Based off the MCU’s Avengers 2 version of everybody’s favorite mean, green, fighting machine, this costume is something fierce. Move aside Bruce Banner, there’s a new Hulk in town and he’s stronger than ever. Loki and his alien army won’t stand a chance against your kiddo once his transformation is complete. Ultron and his robotic horde will be running for the hills as soon as they lay eyes on your not so jolly green giant. Did you know the Hulk’s power is basically unlimited? The more he fights the stronger he gets and the more stamina he gains! So when your soon-to-be hero is dressed up in this awesome Hulk Costume he can be sure that as long as he keeps trying, the closer to victory he will be, in anything he’s doing. Whether he’s trying to collect more candy than any other kid on the block or simply save the world, as long as he’s wearing this costume and giving it his best shot, he will succeed.Don’t worry about having to give your Avenger trainee a makeover to match his green jumpsuit. This costume comes with an amazing molded mask with the details that capture the intensity of the Hulk’s face in mid-battle. With this costume and mask combo, your kiddo is bound to have a super Halloween! Just make sure none of the other children make your little green ball of fury angry… they won’t like him when he’s angry.

You might not like him when he’s angry! This Child The Hulk Avengers 2 Costume turns your kid into Bruce Banners alter ego, ready to bring the hurt to Ultron.

SAS ID: 38286

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