Child Munchkin Shoes


Child Munchkin Shoes

Think about the munchkins from Wizard of Oz. Go on, picture ‘em. Now…what are they wearing?You may not be able to pinpoint their exact look in your mind’s eye, but we bet you know what’s on their feet, and your little one does, too. That’s because Munchkin Shoes–like these–are one of the most iconic details from Oz. In fact, the whole movie had a real shoe thing going on; ruby slippers, anyone? Anyway, if your kiddo is set to dress like a member of the Lollipop guild, you’ll need to pick up two items: a giant lollipop (ahem) and a pair of these soft, plush, elastic-topped black munchkin shoes. The rest we bet you can DIY with a bit of makeup , heart, and a trip to the thrift shop. OR, you could stop being a coward, gather your courage, and ask The Wizard for the perfect ensemble to make your kiddo ready to trick-or-treat. OR, you could save yourself the trouble, use your brain, and pick up one of our Child Munchkin Costumes. Any way you lay those yellow bricks, your kid will need these shoes to travel it!

Get ready for an important walk with friends by slipping on a pair of Child Munchkin Shoes. With these plush little goodies, the only thing that’s missing is a giant lollipop!

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