Child Munchkin Ballerina Costume


Child Munchkin Ballerina Costume

Everybody is always name-dropping the Wonderful Wizard, but what would the Emerald City be without its gifted artists and artisans? Without them, Oz would just be a land full of witches and cantankerous magical hermits! This cheery Child Munchkin Ballerina Costume is our little way of giving back to the thriving culture of everyone’s favorite green-tinted metropolis.A ruffled ballet dress and hat are not the only costume that a true Munchkin Ballerina might wear, because even the most talented dancers know that it’s smart to go with something a little more casual in rehearsal. But when their routine is finally ready for a performance in the public square, they put on this fancy formal outfit and commence to capering! Most of the time, they’re simply cavorting for the delight of other Munchkins. But for an extra-special show to honor a traveler from a foreign land, they might also put on a pair of fancy shoes or a matching pink petticoat!Don’t worry if you’re not a card-carrying member of the Lullaby League: anyone can appreciate the expertly-crafted pink frills of this dress and the puffy, pointy profile of the matching hat. And if you’re looking for a dance-related costume that will stand out in a sea of leotards, we’ve got it right here. Inspired by a classic work of American fantasy and children’s literature, this lighthearted ensemble (and your fleet footed moves!) should be a real crowd-pleaser for generations to come.

Practice your twirls and plies when you are wearing this Child Munchkin Ballerina Costume. This is a unique Oz costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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