Child Battle Viking Helmet


Child Battle Viking Helmet

Don’t send him into battle without something covering his dome! That wouldn’t be very Viking of you. Ohhh, you’re just doing the whole Viking costume thing, and aren’t actually a family of ancient Viking warriors? That’s cool with us. That’s actually what we specialize in!This child battle Viking helmet is an exclusively designed accessory that will transform your little guy or gal into a fearsome Viking warrior. The molded and painted details makes it look like something ancient, and it’s so unique that it almost looks like an unearthed Viking treasure. Now that’s definitely just the thing to make his costume extra cool!Complete his Viking costume with this helmet, and he’ll have exactly the Halloween style he’s always wanted. Remember to hook him up with a prop battle axe too! (Pro tip: we also sell those!) Step one: get the costume right. Step two: rule the Viking hoard. Easy, peasy…

This battle helmet is the perfect accessory to complete your child’s Viking costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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