Brown Coat Pirate Boys Costume


Brown Coat Pirate Boys Costume

You’ve seen it before, haven’t you? That little twinkle that lights up in his eye whenever he sees a treasure chest. That unquenchable thirst for adventure that leads him into some sticky situations. His odd obsession with gold doubloons. Your child was tailor made for the life of a pirate, so it’s about high time that you supported his rogue-like nature!That’s right, instead of shying away from the topic, it’s time to sit your child down and show him this pirate costume. If your child’s eyes light up at the idea of putting it on and getting aboard his very own ship, then he may just be ready to take those first steps into a life of piracy.The costume is an exclusive design, made by our costume designers. It comes with a  classic pirate shirt and a pair of striped pants that strike a dashing look when your young one is crossing swords with other scoundrels aboard his ship. Plenty of accessories, including an eye patch, a headscarf, belts and boot covers, come with the outfit to help really put the finishing touch on your kid’s new swashbuckling style. He’ll be an adventure-seeking freebooter in no time once he puts this costume on!Of course, no kid should have to lead a life of piracy by himself! Check out our full selection of pirate costumes for adults so you can join your little brazen buccaneer on his latest high seas adventure.

Let your child sail the seas as one of the meanest looking pirate to ever live when they wear this exclusive Brown Coat Pirate Boys Costume. It features a brown coat and read and white stripped pants.

SAS ID: 38286

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