Black Panther Sunglasses


Black Panther Sunglasses

No Spandex NecessarySometimes, you just don’t want to go full superhero. Why? Well, it’s kind of hard to wriggle into a spandex suit at a moment’s notice. Who has time for that? It’s a lot easier for a guy like T’Challa to go full superhero every single time, but that’s because Shuri hooked him up with a necklace that automatically suits him up in an instant with just a simple touch. What are the rest of us supposed to do without access to Wakandan technology?Well, we’ve found a rather simple solution to your superhero needs. It’s an easy way to dress up as your favorite hero and it just involves a simple pair of sunglasses.Product DetailsThese Black Panther sunglasses help you turn into a real superhero without forcing you to wear a full spandex suit! The glasses have tinted lenses and the front is molded to look like Black Panther’s mask from the Marvel movies.Just Slide Them On!You don’t need to travel to Wakanda to get these glasses. You don’t need to convince Shuri to make you a cool super-suit. You don’t even need to fight against T’Challa in ritual combat to ascend to the throne. You just need to slide these sunglasses on and you’ll be ready to go full hero mode like the real Black Panther.

Express yourself in these cool Black Panther Sunglasses! Great for completing a costume or to wear daily.

SAS ID: 38286

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