Archer Lana Kane Women’s Costume


Archer Lana Kane Women’s Costume

YUP!You think you want to go on a crazy spy mission that’s going to be full of danger, conspiracy, and probably a heavy dose of (temporary) betrayal?  Well, there’s a lot of preparation that you’re going to need to go through to get ready for something like that!  Spy missions aren’t taken up by the faint of heart.  We’re talking about ridiculous amounts of global travel, crazy piles of money, insanely attractive people.  Seeing the pattern here?So, after all those words of warning, are you still thinking that you want to become a spy?  If your answer is a proud and somewhat sarcastic, “Yup!” then we know exactly what kind of secret agent that you’re going to be.  It is time to head on over to the brand new Figgis Agency and sign up with the secret agents that have mostly accidentally succeeded in some of the most epic missions of national security out there!  DESIGN & DETAILSBecome the real leader of the team, no matter what the supposed lead investigator wants to think.  Show off all your mission assets with this Lana Kane Women’s costume from the hit show, Archer.  This exclusive polyester turtleneck minidress is a perfect replication of the animated character and includes faux leather shoulder harnesses for your weaponry.  The faux leather belt is extra wide and has a bright silver-tone buckle.  Be sure to finish off the look with a Lana Kane Wig and never forget your sidearms!  Who knows what dangers Mallory is going to send you towards! “YOU WANNA SEE CRAZY!?”We’re not necessarily suggesting that everyone out there is cut out to be a secret agent for a rather … unpredictable organization, but if you’re ready to have an insanely good time, this Lana Kane Archer costume might be just the ticket to an adventurous night! 

If there is one women who can kick some serious butt, it’s Lana Kane! Become a kick-ass character this Halloween when you wear this exclusive Archer Lana Kane Women’s Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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