Adult Lion Pajama Costume


Adult Lion Pajama Costume

What makes the lion the king of the jungle? Their roar? Heard for miles around it’s enough to make every animal stop and listen. Is it their hunting ability? If you’ve ever watched a pride of lion take down a wildebeest then you know how intense that gets! While there are plenty of reasons we call the lion king, we’re pretty sure they got their place of honor because of their amazing ability to nap.Lions take napping very seriously, so seriously that they sleep about twenty hours a day. It makes sense, you try digesting ten pounds of raw Wildebeest, hide and all, in the intense Serengeti heat without taking a nice long sleep. We can’t even fight off that drowsy feeling after eating a couple burgers at a summertime cookout! Here’s the thing, too many people see napping as a weakness. We totally disagree, the ability to take a great midday nap shows confidence. It shows that you know what you need to do to be a happy person and by golly, you’re going to do it! Sure, we don’t have four hundred pounds of muscle, immense canine teeth, and humongous paws but a luxurious nap still shows an intense inner power.It’s not often that you can pass out with dignity after a costume party and now you can do it with purpose and sleep in your costume every night afterward to boot! You’ll feel wild in the attached hood with its sculpted head and soft mane. This roomy suit will fit like a dream so whether you’re stalking prey (backyard squirrels) or dancing at a party you’ll have the room to spring into action. So put on this suit and cancel your plans, it’s time to nap like a boss.

Cats sleep all day. They have it made, and so will you because with these pajamas you can be lion around all day.

SAS ID: 38286

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