Adult Grease T-Birds Jacket Costume


Adult Grease T-Birds Jacket Costume

It’s T-Bird TimeYou don’t have to BE a greaser to look like one! Just wear this licensed Adult Grease T-Birds Jacket over a white T-shirt and rolled-up jeans to look like one of the coolest guys in school. It’s a versatile look too! It can be worn to a car race, a pep rally, and an end-of-the-year carnival. The girls will go crazy for it and the guys will nod in approval because you look like one effortlessly cool dude. Just make sure there’s always a comb in your back pocket. T-Birds are known for two things: their leather jackets and well-groomed manes!   Product DetailsThis officially licensed Grease T-Birds jacket is the perfect way to get the retro look you’ve been searching for this Halloween (or maybe even for that theme party you’ve been dying to go to). The black jacket is 100% faux leather vinyl and has an off-center front zipper for added detail. Faux pockets on the front also bring the jacket to life. The back of the jacket has the classic “T-Birds” logo printed with white ink.A Whole Grease GroupWe can supply the Pink Ladies jackets to make this a fun and fabulous group costume, but you probably need to bring your own hair-styling gel to get the full look!

Join the infamous T-Birds of Rydell High when you go in our Adult Grease T-Birds Jacket! This jacket is an exclusive you won’t find anywhere else. Bop, sha-wow!

SAS ID: 38286

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