Adult Black Canary Costume


Adult Black Canary Costume

It’s time to show those boys what a real superhero can do! Once you slip into this Black Canary Costume you’ll be ready to take the lead on missions with the Green Arrow or any other heroes in the DC universe! With so many different versions of this early DC heroine, it is up to you to decide which to portray but just know that no matter which one you choose you are sure to look like the most heroic bad girl in the superhero scene!We don’t know if you already have the ability to use the Canary Cry but either way, you will want to work on your hand to hand combat skills. Black Canary was an expert in many different fighting techniques, so to properly portray this heroine you’ll want to at least know how to throw a proper punch or roundhouse kick. Although, she also excels as a motorcyclist, a gymnast, an undercover agent, and an investigator… so if fist fights aren’t your thing maybe back flips or keen observational skills are! With Black Canary being as amazing as she is, there are many different traits you could choose for your portrayal of this Bird of Prey. Whichever skills of Black Canary’s you decide to focus on, you are sure take down any villains you come across and look good while you do so!Now you just need to put on the mask to complete you new butt-kicking look and maybe a sassy pair of boots that tell the bad guys that you’re not here for any funny business! Then you’ll be more than ready to be DC’s favorite super powered songbird.

Become one of DC comics earliest heroines in this Adult Black Canary Costume. It has everything you need to be a sonic screaming, butt kicking badass.

SAS ID: 38286

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