80’s Shirt Remix


80’s Shirt Remix

Get your mix tape ready for the party! Grab your slap bracelets, glitter, and bright orange pants, we’re going to a dance. The 80s were a bright time in fashion when the hair was sky-high and the colors needed to be neon. We left our hearts with the jelly shoes and blue eye shadow. Get your 80s look on this Halloween. With the 80s Shirt Remix you will rock the party. Pair with hair spray to get that it-girl big hair and some zebra stripes for a bold look. The shirt has a signature boat neckline with cap sleeves. In 80s fashion, you can wear it off one shoulder. The slogan is printed in vibrant colors for added pizzazz. Don’t forget your mix tape in the cassette player, we need music for the party!

Girls just want to have fun and you’ll have a blast in this 80s Shirt Remix. This is a great way to start your retro costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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