80s Party Girl Leggings


80s Party Girl Leggings

Do you sometimes feel like your child should have born in the eighties? No, not because she was born with crimped bangs but because of her all out positive attitude. The eighties were a time of full throttle enthusiasm. You could see it everywhere. Songs from popular musicians would incorporate at least ten different instruments into their hits, restraint wasn’t a popular theme. Then there was the makeup. It was a hard trend to forget, people would wear bright shades of blush paired with blue eye shadow and penciled brows. One thing is for sure, this was not a decade that was afraid of color.  That brings us back to these lovely leggings and your child, for that matter. Your kiddo will feel free to get in touch with her eighties soul, dancing with a type of glee that only children of the eighties knew. The background is checked like graph paper, bright multi-colored shapes floating in the foreground in a delightful celebration of eighties digital graphic design skills. So, put on the eighties beats and get ready for some cheesy moves, your daughters about to get in touch with times gone by!

Pair these geometric 80s Party Girl Leggings with the rest of your child’s neon costume for that bold 80’s look.

SAS ID: 38286

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