WWE Kane Plus Size Men’s Costume


WWE Kane Plus Size Men’s Costume

Pain & KaneYou ready for a big-time epic WWE throw down? Yup, we figured you would be. It’s not every day we find a 7 footer who can execute a perfect chokeslam! He brings the pain to the ring while bringing epic entertainment to all his WWE fans.Okay, you might not measure up to WWE legend Kane exactly, (he’s really, really tall) but that’s no reason not to choose this plus size Kane costume for Halloween. Cause if you’re anywhere close to being a big fella, we’re sure you’ll be able to pull off the iconic look. Nah, not just pull it off, you’ll be good enough for the ring. Because this costume is the real deal! (But, we’d like to say right now that we don’t advocate getting in the ring. Leave that to the professionals).Design & DetailsWe teamed up with the WWE to create this look in our costume studios, which means not only is this costume officially licensed, but it’s an authentic ring look too! We’ve never faced off against the likes of the Stone Cold Steve Austin or The Undertaker, but we’re darn sure we wouldn’t want to take them on in a knock-off costume!This jumpsuit ensemble perfectly captures the style of Kane’s classic ring look. Glove, gauntlet, and belt are included to get the look just right, and of course, the mask. Pop on the wet look vinyl mask, and you’ll feel just like the Big Red Machine himself, ready to terrorize the ranks of the WWE and use Kane’s unique brand of fire and brimstone to capture a championship belt. Of course, we also just sell a WWE belt if you’d rather skip all the action!Plus Size Kane CostumeThe red and black visage is the last thing anyone wants to see in the ring, but when you go in this Kane WWE costume, you’ll be adored by fans at the party you attend. No body-slams, no choke-slams, just good ol’ fashioned fun partying hard as your favorite wrestling star.

When your half-brother is The Untertaker people know you mean business! So, throw on this WWE Kane Plus Size Men’s Costume this Halloween and become one of the most intimating wrestlers to ever live. Available in 2X and 3X.

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