Women’s Fantasy Mermaid Costume


Women’s Fantasy Mermaid Costume

From folklore to fashion icon, mermaids recently have been seen as style icons. It’s really no surprise. Just take a look at this particular sea siren. She’s an up and coming it-girl of the ocean and it’s easy to see why: it’s because of her fashionable appearance. Although there may be other stylish sea sirens swimming about, she’s by far the most eye-catching. It’s her sassy ensemble and her spunky personality that make her the mermaid that everyone dives down to get a glimpse of. Can you really blame them? It’s not everyday that you see a lady with fins and a high-fashion one at that. They say that she is becoming a fashion designer and this costume is the very first one from her line. This fantasy mermaid costume will transform you into a finned fashionista. With a purple halter crop top and shiny high-waist stretchy pants, you’ll be voted best dressed at any party that you attend. Top off the look by adding a shiny white pearl necklace and a starfish hair clip. You’ll be swimming in a sea of compliments before you know it!

This Women’s Fantasy Mermaid Costume is a unique and dazzling choice for dressing as a mythical sea creature.

SAS ID: 38286

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