Sequin & Fringe Turquoise Flapper Costume


Sequin & Fringe Turquoise Flapper Costume

It’s never easy to stand out at the speakeasy. All the flapper girls are showing up in the best dresses and the guys are clad in fancy suits, so you really need to step your game up to the next level when you head out for a night dancing. So, what do you do? Do you give up? No, of course not! You need to infuse your look with some bright colors that help you shake things up on the dance floor. You need something that can share your savoir faire with a bright splash of color that shines in any club. Something… with turquoise ought to do it!Why, what do we have here? This women’s flapper costume seems to have just the kind of dazzle and shine we were just discussing! Covered in sequins, this dress brings you a style that helps you illuminate any room you walk into. The fringe around the skirt is simply to die for! And silver accents around the neck and skirt? Forget about it! When you shimmy your way onto the dance floor, everyone will be ready to join you. Make sure you’ve practiced your Charleston before you hit the club, since you’ll be doing it all night long.If you want to take your look to the next level, make sure to add a nice feather boa, some heels and a pair of white gloves to get the full look.

This colorful 1920’s era flapper costume is made of beautiful turquoise sequin and fringe. This flapper dress is complete when you add the matching boa.

SAS ID: 38286

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