Ram: Skull Mask


Ram: Skull Mask

Fitting in with BarbariansPlanning on joining the barbarian hordes? Well, you can’t just waltz into their midst and expect to be best buds. You need to cultivate an intimidating look. You need the sort of style that says, “Hey pal, I’d swing a battle axe at you just as soon as I’d shake your hand.” That’s the sort of thing that barbarians respect. The good news is that you can craft that look quite easily just by wearing this Ram Skull Mask.Product DetailsYes, this Ram Skull Mask makes you look like some kind of battle-crazed brigand. Don’t worry, it’s not made out of a real ram’s skull! It’s made entirely out of latex, so that means even though it looks quite real, no rams were harmed in the making of this mask. It has mesh coverings in the eyes for vision and a pair of horns in back. We recommend stuffing the interior of the horns with newspaper to help them keep their shape as you head out on your next raid.Bring a Battle AxeIf you want to look like one deadly warrior, then you need to craft a savage look. Just slip this latex Ram Skull Mask on your head, grab your battle axe, and you’ll be king of the barbarians in no time.

Terrify your friends and family with the Ram Skull Mask. This could be on display at your home when you finally find the special Ram Skull Mask in Red Dead Redemption 2.

SAS ID: 38286

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