Mehron Dancers Makeup Kit


Mehron Dancers Makeup Kit

Whether you’re doing pliés across the stage, shuffling off to Buffalo, frozen en pointe, doing jazz hands, or just bustin’ a move to the beat of your own drum, you’ll need makeup… and lots of it. Especially if you’re not the prima ballerina––better to distract them with your face than draw attention to your lack of coordination and form.If you’re going to be in a dance recital, this makeup kit will help you out. Included is all that you need to give yourself a stunning look while you’re on stage. Stage makeup is different than regular makeup––it highlights your features from far away. Rouged cheeks, bright blue eyeshadow, and bright red lipstick, none of which Mom would allow normally, are all encouraged on stage, so it’s a change to go big and bold. You’ll know you looked great on stage if when you greet your friends and family after the performance they do a double-take and comment on how much makeup you have on.

When you’re backstage, you need to be quick. There’s costume changes and makeup touch-ups. Cut down on your backstage time with this Dancers Makeup Kit.

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