Girl’s Frankie’s Bride Costume


Girl’s Frankie’s Bride Costume

Electric CrushThere’s a new girl in town and she’s a little bit strange. Her facial expressions don’t have much range.She’s pale and she’s quiet unless she’s quite mad. Then her eyes get so large that it scares mom and dad. Her hands come up to strangeling height, hissing like a swan looking to fight.We think she’s cool. Weird? Just a dab. But mostly we want her as our partner in lab. The Bride of Frankenstein had a timeless style that has inspired generations for years. So it’s about time that her wild, bandaged look made it into grade school fashion. Her dramatic emotions would probably do quite well when it came to sixth-grade drama. The wide-eyed look of the original bride of Frankenstein would have looked perfectly in place when our middle school history teacher assigned extra weekend reading. So if your little girl wants an electric look for the monster mash, this iconic costume is a great way to go!Product Details & DesignThis exclusive costume is instantly recognizable by any classic horror fans. The Made-By-Us design is inspired by the original costume with a chic white shift dress layering over a bandage wrap jumpsuit. The jumpsuit is easy to put on with a zipper up the back. The look is accessorized with a stitch choker to show off your child’s laboratory origins. Laboratory GloryWhether your little girl loves monsters or she’s more interested in mad scientists, she’s sure to love this classic outfit. She can pair up with other classic monsters to make trick-or-treating thematic and Halloween pictures timeless. You could even dress up as the mad scientist Frankenstein as well. You don’t need a shock to make your little one feel lively this October. All you need is this costume and she’ll get into character in an instant! 

Scary meets beautiful in becoming Frankenstein’s perfect match with this exclusive Girl’s Frankie’s Bride Costume complete with a monster-bride dress.

SAS ID: 38286

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