Floral Lace Pantyhose


Floral Lace Pantyhose

Is there any article of clothing out there as versatile as the humble pantyhose? They can class up any outfit for any occasion in no time, and in a pinch they can be used to hide your identity if you need to do some impromptu cat burgling. You could also use them to clean gunk out of your fish tank, or just tie stuff together without needing to look around for pesky twine. Try doing all that with just regular socks, while still looking fabulous! Pantyhose also come in all kinds of cool fashions, like these Floral Lace Pantyhose, which can quickly add some stylish elegance to your costume! This nylon hosiery features lace floral patterns all around it, which add more of a sense of mystery and intrigue than plane hose do. They compliment any darker colored dresses and heels, or they will go great with flapper or goth costumes!

Fancy up your costume with some black floral lace! These Floral Lace Pantyhose will add elegance to your costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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