Care Bears Women’s Deluxe Cheer Bear Hoodie Costume


Care Bears Women’s Deluxe Cheer Bear Hoodie Costume

HOPE STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART…?It’s usually a dangerous road to put too much time into trying to understand precisely how some magical creatures do what they do.  It isn’t like they need to follow any kinds of rules of physics or biology or anything.  They are made of the stuff of dreams and mysticism, after all!  But, when it comes to the Care Bears, a few questions do keep popping up.  In a world where the power of heart and happiness is everything, what is up with the belly beams!?  It might make total sense if the magic symbols on the bellies of the bears were located on their chest.  With all the talk of their hearts and the fact that just about all their enemies have names immediately expose their obsessive hate of feelings, it seems pretty likely that we’re talking about a world where the heart is everything!  Yet, when the Care Bears line up to fire off optimistic hope with their Care Bear Stare, it’s always a rainbow from the tummy! DESIGN & DETAILSFigure out just how that magic works when you let out your inner cheer with this Care Bears Women’s Deluxe Cheer Bear Hoodie Costume.  This polyester hooded pullover top features a bright pink fuzzy top with Cheer Bear’s rainbow symbol embroidered on the belly.  The wide hood has bright ears on the top and the arms each show off the printed heart pattern common to all the lovable teddies.  The all-over rainbow print leggies make for a comfy finish to the look!CARE BEAR PHYSIOLOGY It might be silly to spend too much time trying to understand how something like a Care Bear is put together.  Sure, we’re really curious how their belly beams work, but when you’re a buddy bear literally made out of happiness and optimism, answering questions of biology kinda defeats the purpose.  So, just bring cheer everywhere you go with this Cheer Bear Hoodie Costume and leave the science for the schools! 

Give the gift of cheer this Halloween when you wear this exclusive Care Bears Women’s Deluxe Cheer Bear Hoodie Costume. It features a Cheer Bear hoodie with matching leggings.

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