Black Shoulder Strap Sword Holder


Black Shoulder Strap Sword Holder

EN GARDE! How’s your sword arm, lately?  Not so great, huh?  Well, that’s because you keep carrying your sword around all day!  It’s bound to get tired if you’re just always wielding it.  Plus, you’re gonna get weird looks when you walk into the restaurant with a sword already out.  That’s just rude!In order to be ready for any actual combat, you’ve got to give your sword arm a break.  (Plus, sheathing the thing gives you a chance to enjoy dinner without a fight or spooking your waitress into running out of the place.) PRODUCT DETAILSKeep your fighting arm ready by chilling out in style.  Holster that swashbuckler with this Black Shoulder Strap Sword Holder.  The faux leather belt straps around your torso and has a nice pirate-like authentic look thanks to its silver-tone metal buckle.  Snap your sword at your side and be ready for anything… except possibly actually sharp swords.  Get a shield for that kind of a fight! AN AUTHENTIC AND DASHING LOOKOnce you’ve got your adventurous look ready to go and your sword in hand, you might think you’re done.  But, never!  Well, at least not until you’ve got a great Shoulder Strap to sheath your slasher!  Plus, who wants to yell, “En garde” if your blade is already at the ready!?  

Free up your hands for mead and beer at your next ren fest or costume party when you get this Black Shoulder Strap Sword Holder. It features a cross-body shoulder strap sword holder in black faux leather.

SAS ID: 38286

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