Adult Plus Size Beaver Costume


Adult Plus Size Beaver Costume

Ah yes, the beaver, the large nocturnal, semiaquatic rodent. Ok, maybe that doesn’t make it sound like the most elegant animal out there but hey, we all know that beavers are adorable and resourceful creatures! They’re like the architects of the animal world, very smart, and they know how to use those big flat tails as useful tools. Some animals are just amazing, and beavers are definitely in that group!Have you ever dreamed of having your very own lodge? You might think you’ve got to call a real estate agent to make that happen, but no way, you just need this plus size beaver costume! Now, we don’t recommend getting too crazy with just that… be sure to wear a hard hat first. Beside the fact that they can do crazy cool things, we can agree on one thing we have in common with this cuddly creatures, the whole nocturnal thing. Like beavers we too enjoy doing random activities all throughout the night and sleeping all day. Welcome to being a millennial! If you feel you one with this rodent of the river then why not dress the part for Halloween this year.The best part of this costume is that it’s made by yours truly! That’s right, we knew you would be looking for the perfect animal costume that is sure to get you a few laughs that’s why we decided on this Adult Plus Size Beaver Costume. Throw this luxurious brown jumpsuit on and you’ll be building damns all night, you know because you’re nocturnal and all.

Get ready to be GNAWesome with this exclusive Adult Plus Size Beaver Costume! You’ll be one happy beaver out there this Halloween.

SAS ID: 38286

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