Zebra Wig Women’s


Zebra Wig Women’s

Wild Open SpacesIt’s not often that fashion and adventure travel forth, hand in hand. The wild is a complicated and dangerous place. No animals want to draw attention to themselves by being too flashy. Except for a few male birds, animals tend to stay away from bright colors. Preferences change, however, when it comes to patterns. Helping beasts blend into their surroundings, a patterned coat is all the rage in the African savanna. It also happens to look fabulous. From cheetah spots to zebra stripes, all of them provide both fashion and function. Think you’re ready to join the wild herd? Start off with some wonderful hair and see where to go from there. Design & DetailsWhile our creative team has already designed zebra costumes for every age and in a range of styles, we still thought something was missing. Then we realized that we ought to be paying more attention to the zebra mane. Black and white twist together in this lovely braid that falls down past your shoulders. The top makes for a playful boeuf with the black and white ears peer from the side, letting everyone know that you are a zebra, not just some fashionista playing safari!

Complete that zebra costume with this Women’s Zebra Wig. This black and white striped wig features a long braid and zebra ears.

SAS ID: 38286

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