X-Men Adult Cyclops Costume


X-Men Adult Cyclops Costume

The Trouble with the Sun You know how they say that every power can be a bit of a double-edged sword? Well, if there is one superhero out there who knows that more than anyone else, it’s gotta be Cyclops! We spend our entire lives dependent on the power of the sun. That glowing ball of burning fire up in space is what keeps our world running. Wind, warmth, light, and maybe even the little bit of something that makes life happen altogether; it is all thanks to the sun!But, try looking up into the sky and giving that day star a little gratitude for even a second. What happens? Well, if you’re lucky, you’re just seeing a solar flare stuck in your vision for several seconds. Stare even a bit longer and you might be out for a good while! Jeez! Now, just imagine being Scott Summers. That whole “look deep into his eyes” and “eyes are the window to the soul” takes on a pretty scary truth when you’ve got small rifts of solar energy bursting out of your sockets! Product DetailsChannel the ferocious power of the sun… but in a much more manageable way when you slip yourself into this officially licensed Cyclops costume. This jumpsuit features the blue and yellow design that we all recognize Scott Summers for. Shiny textured gloves and boot covers complete your X-Men uniform while the headpiece keeps your solar powers from incinerating all! (Okay, actually they just make you look the part of Cyclops, but we’re happy to go with the illusion.) The Power of the Stars!If you find that you get a little starry-eyed when looking into the face of your favorite superhero, just imagine how you’ll feel when you step into the role of Cyclops, himself! Now, not only will you be the one folks are fawning after, but you can take that star-eyed thing downright literally! 

Become Scott Summers in this X-Men Adult Cyclops Costume. This costume is the perfect way to become the optic basting superhero.

SAS ID: 38286

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